Program Promotion Media

You need to let potential students know that your program exists if you expect them to sign up. This lesson walks you through the process of determining the best media (and other locations) to promote your program to get it in front of hungry locavores. 

Media Exercises


This exercise will take the general media concepts discussed in the video lesson and translate them to the local level. My the completion of the exercise, you will have the foundation of a local media program designed to reach locavores in each of your target cities. 

Live, virtual Q&A sessions will be held in the fall of 2021. As each session is completed, the video will be added to this site.

Here's the live Q&A Schedule, if you are interested. We hope to see you there!

Media usage for hunters, anglers, and shooters

This report presents the results of a quarterly online consumer panel survey that tracks hunter, angler and shooters’ media consumption preferences. The purpose of the Media Monitor is to measure use of outdoor media - namely magazine, television, and internet (social media) in the fishing, hunting and shooting communities and to match sportsmen’s purchasing preferences to specific media programs and titles.