Locavore Program Planning Questions and Answers

Can I use the same personas as the lesson/video?

Sure! If you don't have any research to base alternative personas on, that is probably the best way to go. BUT customize them for your state. Use common names for the area you serve, use local towns, schools, businesses, lakes, public hunting areas etc., in your persona.

Do I need to print out the exercises before I start?

No. There is a Word file for every exercise in the exercise tab below each video. We would recommend downloading that file to safe place and complete the exercises using MS Word or some other word processer. Then at the end of the workshop, you can easily cut and paste your answers into the marketing plan. 

How do I determine if I need personas for hunting, fishing, or both?

First, if you are only promoting fishing or hunting you will only need personas for that activity. If you are promoting both, your true locavore personas for both activities might be very similar if not identical. They could also be different if previous activities like paddling or hiking steer some people toward hunting or fishing.

Again, if at all possible, your personas should be based on research or verified by research if they are based entirely on hunches.

How long will the workshop take?

The videos range from 5 to 20 minutes and average around 11 minutes.

The exercises run from less than 5 minutes to around a half an hour. 

If you left yourself an hour every Tuesday at 4pm to do an entire lesson you would rarely, if ever, end up working until 5. 

I would estimate right around 10 hours even including cutting and pasting the exercises into the plan at the end. 

How many personas should I have?

There is no magic number. As many as there are different types of people interested in the activity you are promoting. If I were going to have a rule of thumb I would say at least 2, and I would hesitate to go over 4 unless I really saw over 4 distinctly different types of people.

If at all possible, your personas should be based on surveys, focus groups, or some other research or experience with your target audience(s).

How many steps should my message chain have?

There is no right answer to this question. Jot all the steps of your process from initial contact through taking a class on a sheet of paper. Every step should be a step in your message chain.

I completed the “quick version” of the persona. Should I complete the “full version” now?

I would complete the “quick version” during the workshop and work with it until you draft your locavore plan. If you think your decision maker will need a more complete description to approve a program, I would flesh out my personas at this point. If your decision maker won’t require that level of specifics, add the research to complete your personas to your proposal and complete them as part of your program.  

Should I do these exercises for each of the personas I created?

No, this particular exercise is about process rather than the individual you are sending though the process. It should be the same for everyone.

The only exception would be if you had one persona that had considerably more hunting/fishing experience than another and could skip the steps that a less experienced hunter/angler requires.

When do I complete my generic marketing (locavore) plan?

The Word document containing the generic marketing plan is available below the video on the first and last lesson of this workshop. We recommend you download the plan to the same file where you save all of your exercise. Then after you complete the entire workshop, cut and paste the exercises into the marketing plan based on the instructions in the plan. 

Where do I get the information for my personas?

Ideally the information is 100% research based. In the process of completing the exercises in this workshop we recommend that you adapt the information we are providing with your personal experience, knowledge of your state and any research you have available.