Selecting a City

A great program in a city with no potential students can never succeed. This lesson teaches you the science of location selection so you can locate your program where the most likely participants live and work. 

The table you will need for the data is here.

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Top Locavore Cities

Using the Market Potential data, this document identifies the top locations for food oriented novice hunter or angler programs within each of the 50 states. Those detailed lists are provided at the end of the report. While we are able to provide estimated numbers of people who participate in activities favored by locavores, without individual-level data we cannot estimate numbers of people who participate in multiple activities or provide overall market estimates. 

Top 5 Tapestry Profiles for Locavores

Tapestry Segmentation provides a detailed description of America's neighborhoods—U.S. residential areas are divided into 67 distinct segments based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition—and further classifies the segments into LifeMode and Urbanization groups. These documents contain detail profiles of types of people who have a tendency to be locavores.