Understanding Experience Motivated New Hunters

Expanding your program reach to include other potential new adult hunters and anglers may involve people who are not necessarily highly motivated by food. A subset of adults interested in hunting and fishing may have considerable experience in the out-of-doors, and are likely to be involved in hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing or kayaking.

This group is curious about hunting and fishing, but is likely to be primarily motivated to participate by something other than food, although food is still an important part of their interest. These interests include:

  • Adults who were exposed to hunting or fishing as adolescents but did not have sufficient opportunity, social support or interest to continue participating; or, were focused on youth activities such as organized sports, school, or other group activities that left little time for hunting or fishing. These people are interested in re-connecting to hunting and fishing that they missed earlier in their lives.  
  • People who are interested in trying new and exciting adventures or learning new things. People in this group tend to try many different activities and may not master any of them. In some cases, these participants may participate in your program without intentions of becoming a long-term hunter or angler.
  • People who see hunting or fishing as a means for spending more time outdoors and getting closer to nature. In many cases, people in this group are already avid outdoor recreationalists, and have considerable skills and equipment. However, they did not grow up in a hunting or fishing household, and were not connected to people who were.

While this is a slightly different audience, it is unlikely they will have different instructional needs. However, some may have early hunting or fishing experience that they can draw upon, which may help them learn more quickly. Nonetheless, they likely have not been involved in hunting or fishing in quite some time, so starting with the basics will be the best strategy and the actual content delivered may not appreciably change.

It is still advisable to conduct a pre-class assessment so you have a clear idea of their skill levels and needs.