Tagging/checking requirements

In all cases, hunters need to comply with state regulations regarding tagging the deer carcass and reporting their harvest. In some situations, the deer must be physically brought to a check station where staff take and record biological data; in others, hunters can call-in, or mail-in their harvest information; and in others there are no checking or reporting requirements (however animals harvested may still have to be tagged).

Consult your state hunting regulations for information on deer tagging and transporting requirements.



Understanding Hunting Seasons and Tags

If you’ve been following Modern Hunters on Facebook or Twitter, you are likely aware that I punched my first deer tag on Saturday during the last weekend of rifle season. To any hunter, that sentence right there makes perfect sense. But relaying the same news to some of my non-hunter friends produced some looks of confusion and a wave of curious question-asking. What is a tag? How many do you get? What do you mean by rifle season? Why are there so many regulations? It’s easy to forget just how much jargon there is in the hunting community.