Scent control

One of the most difficult lessons for novice hunters to learn and appreciate is how good a deer’s sense of smell is. To deer, people STINK! When a deer smells a person, they generally spook and leave the area. In many instances, the hunter may never even know that the deer “winded” them; they may just quietly move to a safer location. 

Taking steps to defeat, or at least confuse, a deer’s nose is one of the most important things a hunter can do.

The first step to defeat or confuse a deer’s nose is to set up your ambush site downwind from where you expect deer to travel (i.e., the wind is blowing from the deer to you; the deer is upwind from you). Preparing several specific stand sites for a good hunting location is a good idea so that the location can be hunted during different wind directions and conditions. 

Practicing good hygiene and using scent free products is a good idea. Many experienced hunters avoid all scented products like deodorants, toothpaste, laundry detergent, shampoo, cough drops, etc. during deer season.  Scent free soaps and other products are available; in a pinch simple baking soda may be substituted for many products.



Deer Hunting Scent Myths Debunked

There are a lot of companies making a lot of money on hunter’s fears about scent and the wind. In many cases, scent control is important. However, some people take scent control to the extreme and in my opinion, many times its just not necessary. Since, I’m throwing the “O” word around, keep in mind what you are about to read is solely my opinion, based on personal results and observations in the field.

Do I Need Scent Control to Hunt?

What do skunk-scented body spray, an ozone machine, and activated charcoal have in common? I’ll give you three guesses. Strange as it may seem, all of these items can be used as hunting gear. Add chlorophyll tablets and scent-elimination chewing gum to the list and things start to sound downright weird. Why do hunters use these things? Do I need to use them too?

7 Advanced Tips For Using The Wind To Hunt Mature Bucks

When it comes to hunting and killing mature bucks, there are few things more important than understanding wind. We must understand how to use it in our favor, and how deer use it as well. We must understand how wind travels in different kinds of areas and how deer will travel these areas to take advantage of that. And finally we need to understand how to minimize the effects that wind can have on our hunts. We’ll be covering all of that and more today, as we share seven advanced tips for using the wind to hunt mature bucks.