This section should be relatively easy to cover quickly. Every participant should be provided a hard copy of the current regulation pamphlet for the state they will be hunting in.

Rather than reading the pertinent regulations, we recommend that an interactive, facilitated discussion of the types of regulations that deer hunters should know, followed by an “open book” search for the regulations by individuals or teams of participants. This will allow the participants to become familiar with the structure of the regulations pamphlet, as well as obtain the information that they need.   

State-specific regulations that should be covered in detail include:

  • Seasons
  • General Hunting Regulations
  • Hunter orange requirements
  • Legal guns for deer hunting
  • Specific regulations for deer
  • Other regulations specific to the particular hunt they are participating in
  • Other seasons they may be able to participate in after the course is over
  • Other regulations important to this hunt or other upcoming opportunities
  • Application deadlines

Since this topic will likely be conducted early in the course, it will, to some extent, set the standard for presentations that follow. Be innovative, interactive, inclusive, and involve the participants!


Understanding Hunting Seasons and Tags

If you’ve been following Modern Hunters on Facebook or Twitter, you are likely aware that I punched my first deer tag on Saturday during the last weekend of rifle season. To any hunter, that sentence right there makes perfect sense. But relaying the same news to some of my non-hunter friends produced some looks of confusion and a wave of curious question-asking. What is a tag? How many do you get? What do you mean by rifle season? Why are there so many regulations? It’s easy to forget just how much jargon there is in the hunting community.