Other hunting strategies

100_0543.JPGWhile stand hunting is likely the most effective strategy for whitetail deer, especially for novice hunters, there are other strategies that can be employed.

We recommend that brief explanations and illustrations for the following techniques be provided during a pre-hunt classroom session:

  • Tree stands (discussion only)
  • Still Hunting (discussion only)             
  • Deer Drives (discussion only)
  • Spot and Stalk (discussion only)

These techniques are generally more advanced, and require more equipment, more skills, more land and/or more group coordination to be effective.


Tactics For Winter Whitetail Hunting

As New Year’s Eve approaches, most deer hunters have hung it up for the season. They have either bagged their deer or are tired of trying. With whitetail populations still high throughout most of the country, seasons are long and limits are liberal. On my Southwest Wisconsin property, you can legally hunt deer from September 18 through January 9. That’s well over 100 days of deer hunting. If you stopped hunting in November, you essentially give up one third of your potential season. For diehard deer hunters, there is no excuse for that.

Best Time To Hang Treestands: It's Not Now

“Your treestands should be hung well in advance of hunting season to minimize the disturbance to the area you intend to hunt.”
There. I’ve done it. I’ve just earned my membership card to the old school outdoor writer’s guild. Thing is, that opening sentence? It’s not at all what I actually do.
I realize I’m a little different sort of cat. I’ve been told that many times before and I’m sure it’ll be stated again. I also know I'm not the best deer hunter in the world. Not even the best in my county.

Ideal sites for your treestand

The deer hunter has found a good hunting locale with a healthy deer population, including some big bucks. Now he must answer a very important question: where, exactly, will he put his treestand? If he chooses the right spot, he could see the buck of a lifetime. Select the wrong place and he’ll experience disappointment. Every deer hunt should scout to determine the ideal treestand location, looking for hotspots like these.