Navigation off trail

Your students are potentially new to outdoor recreation and may not be comfortable alone in the woods in the predawn or dusk. You need to realistically assure them that they are safe and teach them how to find their way to their blind and back to the car not to mention exploring new terrain.

In order to effectively scout – and hunt – participants will need to be able to confidently navigate remote terrain off trail. Even better, they should be able to navigate in the dark so that they can arrive at their hunting spot well before first light.

Maps, compasses, and GPS systems are all effective to use. However, we recommend that they also develop ability to “dead recon,” and use their innate ability of close observation of terrain and geologic features and vegetation to be able to navigate off trail.

An excellent resource to practice these skills is Station 21 found in Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources Learning to Hunt included in the resources below.