Firearm Resouces

1Samantha.jpgFirearms are the easiest choice for most new hunters, They are readily available, can be learned fairly easily and have enough stopping power to be humanely lethal on the first shot. The content under this section deals with firearm training and safety. 


Firearms and Ammunition

A firearm is a mechanical device that launches a projectile at high velocity through a tube as the result of expanding gases from a burning propellant. Firearms have changed over the years, but are still based on forcing a projectile such as a bullet or shot through a barrel.

A Beginner's Guide to Hunting with a Crossbow

Cocking, Shooting, and Safety

If you can fire a rifle or a bow, you can easily learn to shoot a crossbow. But you should know a few things first.

Cocking You cock before you load an arrow, and you have to pull the string back with dead-even pressure on both sides of the barrel. Misaligning the string by as little as 1/8 inch can shift your arrow's point of impact by several inches. Cocking by hand requires no tools and is fast, but it's also the most difficult.