Clothing should not only be scent free, but also as silent as possible. Nylon should be avoided. Obviously, outer clothing also must comply with state regulations regarding “blaze/hunter orange” requirements.

Camouflage clothing is not necessary; but the cloth selected should be soft and noiseless as possible. A mix of drab colors will work fine as long as they are scent free and quiet (and warm if hunting during colder months).

A deer’s hearing is second to its sense of smell as a defense mechanism. Unnatural noises, even subtle sounds like nylon rubbing against each other, can alert them to your presence. 

Proper clothing will also keep you warm and dry. Dressing in layers, and avoiding cotton will help keep you warm and dry. Modern synthetic clothing and wool are excellent choices. Some excellent clothing may be found inexpensively at used clothing or Goodwill stores.

Rain gear is a huge asset during inclement weather. Occasionally, rain gear or cold weather clothing may be lent to participants by the program or mentor/guide.          


Ditch the Camo: How to Mix, Match, and Bargain Hunt for the Best Mountain Hunting Clothes

I don't know about the rest of you, but the amount of money I can devote to hunting gear is finite. That means I have to make choices with my funds, and multiple seasons in the backcountry have left me with one iron-clad certainty: I'd rather put my money toward quality optics, a good pack, and the best boots I can afford rather than high-dollar clothing.
That's going to sound sacrilegious to some readers, who have been brainwashed into thinking that if you're not wearing the "correct" camo pattern, you're just not a serious hunter.

Do I Need Camouflage to Hunt?

I bet I look ridiculous right now, I thought to myself. Nick and I were sitting in full camouflage in the middle of an open pasture of National Forest. A herd of cows was approaching from the west, and they didn’t seem to see us. Eventually, the cows started to surround the rocks we were sitting on top of, just ten yards away, many of them looking straight at us. They must see us, I reasoned. We stayed still and they carried on with their grazing. Were they indifferent, or just unaware? To find out, Nick stood up. The cows immediately reacted with mild panic, scattering away with great haste.