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Bluegill Fishing Tips

Welcome to our bluegill fishing tips section, where you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about bluegill and bluegill fishing. By the time you finish reading this web page you'll be an expert bluegill fisherman. It doesn't really matter how experienced you are at fishing, everyone can benefit from the tips provided below. We're going to start by teaching you the basics of bluegills. After learning the basics you'll then be able to learn the tricks anglers use to land monster bluegills, followed up by the all-time world records for bluegills.

Bream Fishing Basics: How-To Tips & Fishing Tackle

Many remember childhood fishing trips with friends or relatives, dunking worms in a pond or creek, and thrilling to the pulse of scrappy sunfish at the end of the line. Some recollect dogwoods blooming as big redears were pulled one after another from a brushpile hidey-hole. Others think back to frosty winter days ice-fishing for bluegills, or a mid-summer morning spent floating a scenic stream for redbreasts, or that just-right autumn afternoon when the "sunnies" snatched up every fly thrown their way.

The How, What, When and Where of Fly Fishing for Bluegill

Fly fishing is the first love of many die hard anglers. Few things match the inspirational feeling of loading a rod up and shooting a line 40 feet across a cold, clear trout stream. Equally inspiring is the powerful strike of a hard fighting fish. Trout are fabulous fish to target, but finding a place to catch them where the action is steady can be very difficult. Here are some tips on fly fishing for bluegill.

The 5 Best Lures for Big Bluegills

For pure fishing fun, it’s hard to top scrappy bluegills. At a young age, many of us discovered the thrill of having them pull our bobber into the depths. More experienced anglers may begin to curse the tell-tale tap of a ‘gill on a bass lure, but it’s only because we’ve forgotten just how much fun—and delicious—catching a stinger of these feisty panfish can be.
The thump of a bull bluegill on an ultra-light rod never gets old. Swimming a single-tailed grub through the weeds is often enough to entice a strike.

3 Tips for Catching More Bluegill

Worms, crickets, and other live bait will always catch bluegill, but if you want to catch more bluegill, switch to jigs. Bug-like jigs are great lure imitations, and tiny is better than big.

Tiny fishing jigs can be more easily fished at the sluggish pace that sunfish prefer. These featherweight jigs snag less and can tempt fish that may not be hungry enough to chomp a big bait. Also, enticing, erratic retrieves are possible with tiny offerings that can’t be duplicated with bigger jigs.

How to Find Big Bluegills in the Heat of Summer

I’m no Parrothead, but for the life of me I couldn’t rid my brain of the sound and vision of a throng of Jimmy Buffet devotees shouting the words to “Fins”—“You got fins to the left, fins to the right, and you’re the only bait in town.” That Buffet is a maniacal big-game saltwater angler and I was filling a bucket with bluegills didn’t seem to matter. I was catching—and it was good. I also knew that it wouldn’t last. The summer sun eventually scorches those perfect hotspots, and all those fins melt away to parts unknown. Or do they?