Boat Fishing

Angling from a boat has numerous advantages over fishing from a bank or pier. The most important is the mobility to try several different fishing locations on a particular water body.  With a boat, you can quickly seek out various habitat types to determine where the fish might be.

Fishing from a boat allows bait or lures to be cast more easily without interfering trees or brush, and allows anglers to retrieve bait or lures from trees if they accidently get tangled there.  In addition, casting towards the bank and reeling towards deeper water is often a more natural presentation than reeling from deep water toward shallow water.

Numerous parks and private marinas have boats for rent. Rental boats range from small “prams” (John boats) that may or may not have a motor, to large pontoon boats or even "bass boats."  A pram with an electric motor is ideal fishing boat for smaller water bodies, and is relatively inexpensive to rent.  

On rivers, canoes and kayaks can also be rented for the day. The rental fee generally includes being picked up at a downstream take-out point and being transported back to the starting point.

A relatively new and growing trend is fishing from a kayak. Almost any kayak will work. Kayaks are frequently offered for rent at locations where other boats may be available. Specially designed fishing kayaks are now available that allow anglers to take more gear, be more comfortable and fish more effectively.