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The training material in this website was developed based on input from state program managers who have implemented programs for “food-motivated”, new, adult hunters/anglers (See Understanding participant motivations for details on potential participants). Their experience indicates four important, linked strategies to reach these new audiences.

These strategies are:

1) Use of recruitment strategies, such as fish/game tastings, cooking classes, or other recruiting and screening events to identify potential participants for hunting/angling training;

2) Develop a panfish fishing training program for “food-motivated” non-anglers as a means to recruit this new audience into becoming long-term anglers;

3) Develop a deer hunting training program for “food-motivated” non-hunters as a means to recruit this new audience into becoming long-term deer hunters (or other type of hunters); and

4) Recruit and train instructors to instruct, guide and mentor participants during implementation of these strategies.

These strategies are part of a systematic, science-based, logic model or “results chain" designed to achieve program outcomes. Don't let the model scare you off! Use it to see how the various pieces relate to each other, if you like. It is the basic outline for the program.

Figure 1 shows the "results chains" for each of the four strategies and the general outcomes for each step within the results chains.

Each of the yellow hexagons in the figure represents one of the above-identified strategies. To avoid making Figure 1 more complex, the full results chains for “Instructor recruitment and training” and “Recruitment Strategies” have not been included. 

Consult the individual sections of the site for more information: HuntingFishing or Recruitment Strategies and Instructor Recruitment and Training.

This interactive website allows you to click on the section (or subsection) of interest and you will be taken directly to that information. Each step in the outline contains program details and resources, plus sections on how to find, reach and communicate with potential participants, and information on program planning and administration. Additional resources are appended to each section. In addition, related sections are also identified within each section and linked together for quick reference.

These interactive, web-based modules allow you to quickly find and get the information you need. However, this format may tempt you to skip important steps. Skipping the earlier program planning sections might come back to haunt you later on in your program’s life. Taking the time to go through these sections now will pay huge dividends to you, your program, and your participants in the long run!

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If you are part of the conservation/hunter education community and you have any specific questions regarding the content of the site or how it can be used, contact Matt Harlow or 574-404-2000.