This website was developed under Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Multistate Conservation Grant Program grant #F14AP00160

DJ Case and Associates and Bob Byrne Consulting would like to thank the following people for their input in the development of this project:

Brian Clark, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources

Barb Gigar, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Walter Lane, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division

Keith Warnke, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA), Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Recreation Participation Committee

Midwestern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (MAFWA), Recruitment and Retention Committee

Emily Beach, Director of Partnership and Program Development, Archery Trade Association

Matt Dunfee, Wildlife Management Institute

Jim Curcuruto, National Shooting Sports Foundation

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Southwick Associates

Responsive Management

Additionally, the authors wish to thank the numerous chefs, authors, past program participants, and pilot program managers who are on the cutting edge of implementing programs who shared their experience and wisdom with us during the development of this project.

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