Recruiters Understand Participants and Their Motivations

photo 1_1.JPGMotivations, in its simplest definition, are the reasons that determine behavior. They are the driving forces behind a person’s action.

Taking the time necessary to make sure your program goals and objectives (create long-term hunting and fishing participants) match the motivations of its participants (obtaining high quality food) is critical for its success.

Motivations also help form expectations, or a mental picture of what will happen in the future. People select activities, especially with their leisure time, that they have high expectations will satisfy their motivations. When their expectations – and their motivations – are satisfied, they are likely to continue that activity.

Planning, marketing and delivering a program that meets or exceeds the participant’s expectations and motivations will ensure its success, and make future marketing efforts much easier.

The following sections provide a brief overview of the motivations of potential program participants.