Other training Issues

Providing instructors with current up-to-date information on sexual harassment is a good investment to protect instructors, participants and your program. This is an ever-evolving area of law that needs continual refreshing, even if all of your participants are adults. Contact your agency's or organization's human resources section for current training information on sexual harassment to make sure what you provide matches your agency’s or organization's current policies.

In addition, it is important that guides and mentors understand that they should not set too high of an expectation about “bagging something” during the hunt. Seeing (or hearing) potential game or fresh sign are successes in themselves. Hunting, especially big game hunting, is not a one day activity. Besides, every day out hunting is a great day.

Additional training may be warranted for administrative procedures (such as re-imbursements), liability, program policies and procedures, and other topics that may be unique to your program.

For additional information on screening instructors, guides and mentors see National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Best Practices Workbook for Hunting and Shooting Recruitment and Retention, and Appendix C of the National Hunting & Shooting Sports Action Plan (Second Content Draft)