Finding the right instructors and defining their roles

Most programs have multiple roles for instructors, guides and mentors. As a result, several different people may be needed. A careful examination of you program will reveal the types of instructors, guides and mentors you will need. Each will require careful selection, screening and training.

For example, your program may need instructors for the following purposes:

  • Classroom instruction (the topics may dictate several different instructors)
  • Shooting range instructors
  • Guides and mentors for hunting/fishing sessions
  • Game processing or fish cleaning instructors
  • Chefs for fish and game cooking instruction

In addition to identifying the specific types of instructors you will need, it is also recommended to specifically identify each of their roles. Important questions to ask include:

  • Will they be taking the lead for making a presentation or will they be assisting?
  • What, if any, equipment will they be responsible for providing? Who will be using the equipment?
  • Are there other materials that they will need to provide?
  • Will they be developing their own syllabus or will they be following one developed by you or your staff?
  • Have you shared specific learning objectives with them that they will be responsible to cover?

The more clearly you define each instructor’s role, the more likely you will achieve your program’s goals and objectives.

The key to finding partners – and therefore potential instructors – is finding agencies, organizations and individuals that share your goals and objectives. Carefully thinking about, and writing down your program’s goals and objectives will not only help keep your program on track, but it will also help you think about who your potential instructors may be – and why they may want to join forces with you.

As you recruit your instructors, keep in mind the need for well-spoken professionals when dealing with the young professionals that are often attracted to food-motivated angler and hunter training programs.