Brief overview of adult learning

DSC_0093.JPGBecause your participants are adults, it is important that your instructors understand – and practice – adult learning theory. Instructors who fully incorporate the concepts of adult learning will more likely “connect” with participants and:

  • Explain why certain knowledge or skills are being taught
  • Involve the participants in the activity, rather than lecture
  • Acknowledge, and plan for, different levels of skills, knowledge and experience within the group
  • Allow participants to learn at their own rate, and check with participants on what they have learned and/or what they need more practice or information on
  • Encourage participants to reflect on what they have learned after each step or session
  • Provide outside resources and “homework” to further their learning

For additional information on training instructors, guides and mentors see National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Best Practices Workbook for Hunting and Shooting Recruitment and Retention and Appendix C of the National Hunting & Shooting Sports Action Plan (Second Content Draft).