Site selection, terrain and habitat preferences

The particular site selected for a ground blind will be based on deer biology, terrain and habitat, and hunting pressure. The “best” spot is likely to change during the course of a deer season. If possible, several spots should be selected and prepared during preseason scouting.

Hunting pressure and the intrusion of people into the woods during hunting season can have a tremendous effect on deer movement. In general, when disturbed, white-tailed deer seek out the densest cover available. In extreme circumstances, they may become largely nocturnal, or move only in the early morning or late evening. 

Patience, and having confidence in the site selected, is a critical skill that many hunters do not have. Staying out during the mid-day period when other hunters are moving around and headed back to camp for lunch is an excellent strategy. However, this strategy may be trying for novice hunters, especially if hunting is slow with little animal movement.