Remote Scouting

Your students are likely to be busy professionals and may live in large cities miles from potential hunting grounds. Technology and research can help them prepare for their hunt, while saving them drive time and gas money.

Remote scouting entails using Google Earth, topographic maps, county plat maps, commercial mapping programs and other resources to “scout” for high potential hunting locations from home (or while taking a break from email at the office).

The time spent doing homework and reviewing distant locations can help your participants choose hunting locations and use their limited on-the-ground scouting time more efficiently.  The more a hunter knows about an area before he/she sets foot on it will help eliminate low probability areas and allow them to fine tune hunting strategies.

Printing internet maps or copying purchased maps gives your student an easy, inexpensive map to make notes on during on-the-ground scouting and even while hunting. A GPS unit or GPS equipped watch or cell phone can lead a hunter directly to a location discovered online may or conversely translate an exact real word location to a virtual map.

We recommend assigning a remote scouting exercise as “homework” or as group exercise as a way to reinforce these skills.