Equipment and Supplies

Lists of equipment that will be supplied by the program, supplied by participants, and supplied by instructors or mentors/guides should be prepared in advance. It may be worthwhile to prepare a separate set of lists of items used specifically for range day.

In general, programs supply:

  • Firearms
  • Targets
  • Eye and ear protection

Often, agency hunter education programs or 4-H shooting Sports Programs can supply program equipment, especially firearms. In some instances, confiscated firearms held by the agency law enforcement branch are available for program use.

In many situations, the program also supplies ammunition. In others, the participants purchase their own. In most situations where participants have elected to use non-lead ammunition, they have been required to purchase it on their own. If the participants supply their own ammunition, they will need to be assigned a firearm (or a firearm caliber) well in advance. Some programs have standardized the firearm calibers they use to ease purchases and the management of inventories. Having standardized firearm calibers and ammunition also simplifies the sighting in process.

Some programs have incorporated a participant shopping trip to a local outdoor/sporting goods store as part of the program. This gives participants the opportunity to purchase the equipment they need while being assisted by an instructor. Participants should be expected to only purchase the minimum necessary equipment to be able to hunt. A list of optional, “nice to have” equipment can be supplied to participants, but is should be clear that these purchases are optional.

Any equipment supplied by instructors or mentors/guides needs to be clearly identified and communicated with participants well in advance.  Again, such equipment should be kept to a minimum.