Teaching ‘Adult Onset Hunters’

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Phil Bourjaily
Field and Stream

Teaching ‘Adult Onset Hunters’

There’s a term I just learned today: “Adult Onset Hunting,” which makes it sound like something
bad, but I think it’s one of the better things to happen to hunting in a while. As I have written before
(On Hipsters and Hunting) the sport needs to broaden its appeal beyond its traditional rural
constituency if it’s to survive.

At any rate, I got to help a bunch of Adult Onset Hunters at a range day at my gun club last weekend.
This particular group of AOHs are members of a local program called “Edible Outdoors” which holds
classes in foraging, gathering, fishing and so on. This was their first range day ever, and it was also
their first step toward a preserve pheasant hunt later this fall. Springerman3 and I, along with
members of the Iowa DNR and local conservation board, ran 17 of them through an abbreviated
hunter safety course and range day.
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