RBFF-GA New Angler Retention Pilot Program

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Southwick Associates

RBFF-GA New Angler Retention Pilot Program

In 2015, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) partnered with the Georgia
Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division to implement a pilot program to
assess the effect of email communication on the retention of new anglers. New anglers, or firsttime
fishing license buyers, were defined as those who purchased a resident annual fishing
license in 2015, but did not purchase any privilege in the four years prior (2011-2014).

All new anglers from January 1 to July 31, 2015 with valid email addresses were selected as the
target audience for this retention effort. These were divided into five groups with 10% of the total
set aside as a control group (group 1) and the remaining treatment group divided evenly across
the remaining four groups (Table 1). All five groups received a ‘thank you’ email upon license
purchase. All of the treatment groups received email reminders the following year to renew their
license. Two of the groups received additional emails with four monthly newsletters containing
fishing-specific content and a follow-up survey. Additionally, the renewal notices included a
discount promotion for early renewal for two of the groups while it was not mentioned for the
other two treatment groups.