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Market Analysis by Southwick Associates

Executive Summary

Recognizing the growth in the local food, slow food movement and the potential for a locavore lifestyle to be conducive toward fishing and hunting, the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) implemented a pilot recruitment effort in five states. The goal was to engage young adult locavores through targeted instructional hands-on courses teaching the fundamentals of fishing and hunting.

Market analysis of the pilot program and applicants showing interest in the courses focused on identifying specific markets for potential program expansion. Lifestyle segmentation of the program participants and applicants allowed us to delve into the tastes, preferences and habits of the participants to identify distinctive types of people (market segments) as the preferred targets for expansion. Using market potential analysis, we then used the distinctive traits of the target segments to identify specific areas at the state and national levels that offer the greatest promise for program expansion.

Through Tapestry© lifestyle segmentation1, we find that interest in these programs stemmed from a community of people who were young, diverse, and tech savvy. A sense of connectedness to the land and local sources of food were also important components of their lifestyle. While the dominant segments among applicants are not those typically identified as communities which commonly engage in fishing and hunting activities, members of those segments report active engagement in other outdoor recreational activities. In particular, a survey of participants by Responsive Management found that hiking and camping are among their top three outdoor recreational activities. The majority (53% or more) also indicated that they shop at farmer’s markets.

Based on our analysis, the following regions offer the greatest potential for expansion of the program in terms of the percentage of the general population that exhibits traits and interests similar to the program participants and the total numbers of potential participants. The locations are (Figure 25):
• Laveen, AZ
• Manhattan, KS
• Albuquerque, NM
• Orange Park, FL
• Georgetown, KY
• Edmond, OK
• Acworth, GA
• Waxhaw, NC
• Columbia, SC
• Iowa City, IA
• Wake Forest, NC
• College Station, TX
• Gardner, KS
• Omaha, NE
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