Locavore Anglers Course Outline & Supply List - Wisconsin DNR


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Locavore Anglers Course Outline & Supply List - Wisconsin DNR

Session 1 – Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 6 - 9 pm

~Duration Topic & Guest Speaker
15 minutes Ice breaker & Pre-program Survey

30 minutes Introductions - Fish Stories
5 minutes A word from our sponsor, Sport Fish Restoration - Why we’re doing this

20 minutes Wisconsin Fisheries – a brief history on a couple millennia of fishing in Wisconsin
Titus Seilheimer, UW Sea Grant Biologist

10 minutes Sustainable, Local Foods – How fishing fits in

Threats to sustainability and some solutions
20 minutes Fish contaminants (Health advisory) -- Meghan Williams, DNR Fisheries Toxicologist
20 minutes Aquatic invasive species - Tim Campbell, DNR/UW-Extension or his designee

Getting started –what you need to know
15 minutes Skill development: Knots

30 Minutes Where am I allowed to fish – Martin Griffin, DNR Water Regulations & Zoning Specialist
Public Trust Doctrine
Public Access to Shore Fishing Sites